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Be mindful of the market cycle shuffle

Every market cycle sees a reshuffling of previous winners due to new investment cycles and disruptive technologies. Is today’s market ready to reshuffle?

08 Nov 2023 By Alison Savas By Alison Savas 7 min 7 min

The multinationals you may have never heard of

For China, a strategy to align with the developing world provides a significant demand base for its emerging multinational champions you may have never heard of.

20 Jul 2023 By John Stavliotis By John Stavliotis 9 min 9 min

White paper: Australian banks, a matter of trust

This White Paper outlines Antipodes’ thesis on why we think Australian bank shareholders are vulnerable.

18 May 2023 By Antipodes 12 min

AFR: Jacob Mitchell says these stocks will beat tech blue chips

In this article published in the Australian Financial Review, Jacob Mitchell discusses how Antipodes investment team is positioning portfolios amid a more volatile market environment.

28 Jul 2022 6 min

Wealth DFM: US gas opportunity emerges after decades of decay

In this article published in Wealth DFM Magazine Jacob Mitchell looks at the emerging opportunities in the US gas sector.

31 May 2022 4 min

The investment case for Sanofi

In this article, Dr Nick Cameron, outlines the investment case for French healthcare giant Sanofi (EPA: SAN).

10 Feb 2022 By Dr Nick Cameron By Dr Nick Cameron 9 min 9 min

Good Value Investing | HOPE is an acronym, not a strategy

As we move into the new year, we have the US Federal Reserve trying to stick the perfect landing, Europe teetering on the edge of recession and China managing its exit out of COVID-zero – the new era of fiscal activism will drive greater volatility in the economic cycle, weighing on equity multiples.

28 Feb 2023

Good Value Briefing | A turning point in one of the world’s most closely watched markets

China has been one of the most discussed topics during our meeting with clients and investors over the past few years. And it’s easy to understand why. 

21 Nov 2022

Good Value Briefing | Investing amid weak sentiment and high tensions

Key points:  Geopolitical tensions have escalated as the US seeks to restrict China’s access more broadly to leading edge technology.  Antipodes is considering global vulnerabilities should China choose to retaliate.  The QE-led/long duration regime is transitioning to a regime that will focus on fiscal stimulus around decarbonisation, infrastructure and security to support economic activity.  Earnings… Read more »

25 Oct 2022

Good Value Briefing | A hot US inflation report as Europe seeks alternative energy support  

Key points for your clients:  A worse than expected US inflation print surprised the market. Antipodes believes that inflation will fall but remain elevated as it’s driven by supply side issues.  Relative to inflation, US equity indices still look pricey.   Antipodes believes the European energy situation is one of the most critical factors for global… Read more »

16 Sep 2022