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Listed funds

Buy or sell shares/units via your online brokerage account, broker, or licensed advisor in much the same way you’d trade on the ASX. Antipodes Global Shares (Quoted Managed Fund) is available as an active ETF on the ASX, under ticker: AGX1.

Phone 1300 010 311 or email for further information.

Managed funds

Make an online application to invest in Antipodes Global Fund – Long, Antipodes Global Fund, or Antipodes Emerging Markets (Managed Fund).


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Please contact Pinnacle Investment Management should you require any assistance: Phone 1300 010 311 or email


Buy and sell units via a broker on the ASX mFund service:

  • Antipodes Global Fund (AGP02)
  • Antipodes Global Fund – Long (AGP01)

Check if your online broker supports mFunds here.

NZ PIE funds

The Antipodes global shares and global shares long-short strategies are available to New Zealand resident investors in New Zealand via a PIE.