Experienced investment professionals

$10 billion

Assets under management (AUD) as at 30th June 2024


Annualised return since inception *long fund, AUD net of fees as at 30th June 2024

Rameez Sadikot

Portfolio Manager

“Our integration of quantitative tools within a fundamental framework enables deeper stock level research while maintaining a helicopter view of what is happening in the surrounding market.”

Andrew Findlay

Managing Director

“With Pinnacle investment handling our infrastructure and marketing, we’re free to create a culture that is purely focused on investment where we can undertake fewer tasks but execute them more effectively.”

Jacob Mitchell

Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager

“Our approach seeks to take advantage of those moments when markets over-react to unexpected change. Such irrational behaviour creates the opportunity to identify great companies that are undervalued and build high conviction portfolios with a focus on risk adjusted returns.”