Jacob Mitchell
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as at 31st March 2024


Antipodes is an award-winning investment team that specialises in global and emerging markets shares. Established in 2015, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to a very single-minded strategy – we seek to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.

Our name is intended to suggest two things. First, our operation is global. Unconstrained by any geographical boundaries, we search the world for great investments. And second, we believe in the power of opposites, the notion that differing perspectives will reveal a clearer picture of the opportunities we explore.

This philosophy has proven to be a success. Since inception, our investment team has been steadily growing (we now have offices in Sydney, London and Toronto), and we’ve won wide-spread industry recognition and awards. Most importantly, we’re proud to see large, sophisticated investors – including industry super funds and charities – become our loyal clients.

We believe four key factors will enable us to maintain this track record:

  • A pragmatic value approach that uses highly sophisticated, quantitative tools to enhance our fundamental analysis of prospective investments.
  • A focus on global opportunities that far exceed those that are available in the domestic, Australian market.
  • A remuneration and reward model that ensures our team and our clients are strongly aligned by virtue of the fact we invest in our own funds.
  • Organisational design and team construction that is driving performance and attracting some of the most talented people in our industry.

Our focus is further enhanced by our affiliation with Pinnacle Investment Management. While they handle our infrastructure and support, we are left free to concentrate on what matters to us most – building portfolios of attractively valued companies to maximise risk-adjusted returns.

A pragmatic value approach, a focus on global opportunities, our remuneration and reward model and our organisational design are the key factors that will enable us to sustain our track record.