NZ PIE funds overview

Min. investment NZ$25,000
No distributions
Advisers and institutional
New Zealand domiciled

NZ PIE funds overview

Antipodes global investment strategies are now available to New Zealand investors in the form of a Portfolio Investment Entity, or PIE fund. The NZ PIE tax rules allow investment funds to pay tax on each investor’s share of the fund’s investment income at each investor’s Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR). As the top PIR for individuals is 28%, many investors may find that PIE funds are a more tax efficient way to invest. FundRock NZ Limited in Wellington, New Zealand is the Manager of Antipodes Investment Funds (the "Funds"), with investment management undertaken by Antipodes Partners Limited ("Antipodes", "the investment manager").

As the top PIR for individuals is 28%, investors may find this is lower than the marginal tax rate applying to income such as salary, wages and interest. It’s important you know your correct PIR before investing. (If you are unsure, seek professional advice, contact the Inland Revenue Department or go to their website.)

As Manager of the Funds, FundRock NZ Limited is responsible for collecting each investor’s share of the tax payable from their investment account and for paying the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

A tax statement is sent to each PIE investor at the end of each tax year, and generally there’s no need for an individual to include their share of the fund’s investment income in a personal tax return.

“While the top Prescribed Investor Rate is 28%, some individuals may be eligible for rates as low as 10.5% or 17.5% which offer significant tax advantages.”