"Antipodes’ pragmatic approach encompasses everything we do as a team, from analysing industries and companies, to communicating and collaborating amongst our colleagues and with our clients"

Michael Li, Investment Analyst


Antipodes is a global asset manager with a 25+ strong investment team based in Sydney and London.

We opened our doors in 2015 and now have over A$8 billion in assets under management. We aspire to grow our clients’ wealth over the long term by generating absolute returns in excess of the benchmark, but beneath market levels of risk. We offer a pragmatic value approach across long-short and long-only global equity strategies. Our approach is characterised by the holistic consideration of cyclical, structural and macro/socioeconomic factors that is enhanced by a combination of qualitative and quantitative disciplines. Our aim is to identify investments that offer high margins of safety, multiple ways of winning, and then build high conviction portfolios with an emphasis on capital preservation. Culture is of vital importance to us. We combine well over 100 years of investment experience with a restless energy and desire to challenge accepted norms, push boundaries and develop new and effective methodologies. The name ‘Antipodes’ not only alludes to the global scope of our business, it captures our belief in the power of opposites - the value of differing and sometimes conflicting opinions and ideas in discovering new avenues of opportunity. This is a team that thrives, both ethically and intellectually, on the embrace of diversity.

Associate Investment Analyst – Coding and Data Specialist

Location: Sydney

About the role 

Antipodes Partners is a global asset manager offering a pragmatic value approach across long only and long-short strategies (currently ~A$9bn AUM). We aspire to grow client wealth over the long-term by generating absolute returns in excess of the benchmark, at below market levels of risk. We seek to take advantage of the market’s tendency for irrational extrapolation, identify investments that offer a high margin of safety and build portfolios with a capital preservation focus.

We are seeking a coding and data expert with a passion for financial markets to work at a leading Australian based long/short global equity asset manager. The desirable applicant will have recently completed their studies. 1-2 years of relevant industry work experience is desirable, but not essential. The role will be Sydney based.

Strong academics in degrees relating to Software Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Science, and/or Statistics are a must. The desirable applicant will also have an understanding and passion in financial markets and investing. Double degree Commerce/Finance/Economics students are also encouraged to apply.

Areas of expertise include: 

  • Strong proficiency in Python (must) and/or R (highly desirable) and in building scalable code. Demonstrated success in past projects will be assessed
  • Confidence working with various data end-points including REST API’s, AWS S3, Azure blob storage and cloud databases. Snowflake experience is highly desirable
  • Strong proficiency in writing SQL and a proficiency in designing and building relational database schemas
  • Proficiency ingesting and piping all data types, namely csv, json, and parquet files. ETL coding proficiency will be assessed
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Power Query engine and related Microsoft Excel functionality
  • Proficiency building datasets from scratch through techniques such as web-scraping
  • Proficiency or developed understanding of statistical concepts and machine learning techniques
  • Proficiency building automation tools and confidence working in a Linux/Ubuntu development environment. Airflow experience is highly desirable
  • Understanding of equity financial markets, including options theory and pricing is desirable, but not essential

About you: 

  • You are problem solving oriented with a focus on business outcomes. You will strive to find the best solution within the expected timeframe
  • You have a willingness to learn new coding languages as needed, and an ability to learn them in a short timeframe
  • You are mathematically minded in areas including linear algebra, statistics and time series analysis
  • You are a natural numbers detective. You thrive working with very large datasets, seeking insights/relationships in an otherwise meaningless mass of data
  • You have strong writing skills with an ability to articulate and communicate your ideas/findings clearly and concisely
  • You enjoy building systems and you are not afraid to continually experiment with new ideas and techniques for improving workflow

We value: 

  • Natural curiosity regarding the events and trends that shape the world
  • An ability to problem solve, from high-level conceptualisation through to detailed recommendations
  • Creative, independent and rational thinking
  • Patience, persistence and resilience; and
  • Selfless team players

You will be a quasi coder and data engineer. As the applicant builds their domain knowledge, opportunity exists to broaden into the area of data analysis and investing. You accept that you are a coder first and foremost, however with time and experience gained on the job, there is opportunity to marry your passion for data/coding and passion for financial markets/investing.

How to apply: 

Please email both and with “Coder Job Application” as the email subject and attach the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Academic Record; and
  • A brief cover letter that explains why you would be most suitable for the role.

Investment Analyst

Location: Sydney

We seek Senior or Associate level (+3 years commercial experience) candidates with investment and/or industry background and a natural aptitude for investing.

Critical personal characteristics include:

  • Ability to conceptualise, natural curiosity and creative independent thinking
  • Clear, concise communication (especially written)
  • Patience, persistence and resilience; and
  • Selfless team player.

How to apply: 

Please email with “Investment Analyst Application” as the email subject and attach the following: 

  • Curriculum Vitae; 
  • Academic Record;
  • A brief cover letter that explains why you would be most suitable for the role; and
  • A one page stock pitch (for either a long or short position) giving a brief overview of your chosen company, its valuation, the investment risks and any catalysts to achieving your valuation