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Global oil market dynamics amid geopolitical instability

This quarterly market update delves into how recent geopolitical instability is impacting the global oil market.

08 Nov 2023

Building a more energy efficient future

In this episode of the Good Value podcast Alison Savas speaks with Benoit Bazin, the CEO of French-listed building materials manufacturer Saint-Gobain (EPA: SGO).

11 Oct 2023

Opportunities in one of the world’s most undervalued stock markets

At around 11x times forward earnings, UK equities are the cheapest in the developed world. Alison Savas and James Rodda discuss the opportunities this presents for investors.

31 Aug 2023

A stock market with no margin for error

In this quarterly update episode, Alison Savas and Rameez Sadikot discuss what the narrow performance in equities really means, along with how the macro backdrop could impact markets into the third quarter of 2023.

03 Aug 2023

In conversation with Ian Harnett | Can the west sidestep recession?

In this podcast episode, Alison Savas is joined by Ian Harnett, the founder and chief investment strategist of Absolute Strategy Research.

13 Jul 2023

Examining China’s rocky recovery

In this podcast episode, John Stavliotis and Alison Savas explain why investors should hold the line on China and discuss three Chinese stocks to watch.

14 Jun 2023

The Fed pivot looms, but what will it mean for global equities?

Alison Savas and Jacob Mitchell discuss the state of global equity markets following Q1 2023, along with three investment ideas to help navigate the complex market and macro environment.

04 May 2023

Your Wealth: Alison Savas Interview

In this interview with Gemma Dale, Alison Savas discusses Antipodes’ views on what investors should be looking for in global stock markets over the next decade.

20 Apr 2023

Life after Silicon Valley Bank & Credit Suisse

Following the recent bank crises in the US and Europe, Alison Savas and James Rodda discuss the vulnerabilities that remain within global financials, along with the relative winners and losers that could emerge.

04 Apr 2023

Siemens Energy CEO, Dr Christian Bruch on the energy transition

In this podcast episode, Alison Savas is joined by Siemens Energy CEO, Dr Christian Bruch to discuss the global energy transition and role Siemens Energy is playing.

08 Mar 2023