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Morningstar: Where in the world to find value right now

In this interview with Morningstar Australia, Jacob Mitchell shares insights into investment opportunities in the energy transition, emerging markets, and the US. He also discusses Australian banks.

31 May 2023 5 min

AFR: Why global banks are better value than the ASX’s big four

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Jacob Mitchell shared Antipodes’ views on some of the key topics currently facing global equities investors.

25 Jan 2023 5 min

Livewire: An “unloved” US stock that’s tipped to rebound

This Livewire Markets article featuring Antipodes Partners’ Nick Cameron looks at big pharma stock Merck & Co.

09 Nov 2022 6 min

Citywire: Five fund managers go bargain hunting in the US

In this article, published on Citywire, five fund managers, including Antipodes Jacob Mitchell, discuss how they capitalised on the downturn in US equity markets.

16 Aug 2022 3 min

Citywire: Three pockets of value able to withstand uncertainty

In this article, published on Citywire, Jacob Mitchell explains how the Antipodes team is uncovering long-term secular trends at attractive valuations.

10 May 2022 4 min

Livewire: China v US: Where should you put your money?

This Livewire Markets article featuring Antipodes’ Jacob Mitchell provides insights into China and US markets and where investors should put their money.

22 Jul 2022 7 min

Future Generation Meet the Manager: Jacob Mitchell Interview

Jacob Mitchell discusses Antipodes’ investment process and the team’s views on equity markets, in a Q&A with Future Generation.

15 Jun 2022 8 min

Livewire: Norwegian metal-maker Norsk Hydro has a bright (and “green”) future, says Antipodes

This Livewire Markets article provides an insight into the Aluminium market and one of the world’s largest aluminium producers.

14 Mar 2022 5 min

Citywire: Four managers on the stock that has recently won their heart

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, several leading investors reflect on the investments that have stolen their hearts in recent times.

11 Feb 2022 2 min

Firstlinks: Jacob Mitchell on his biggest investing lessons

As a guest on the Wealth of Experience podcast, Jacob Mitchell was interviewed by Firstlinks Managing Director, Graham Hand. Jacob discussed Antipodes’ investment approach and views on markets and the economy.

15 Oct 2021 7 min