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Antipodes Magnified: Investing in China’s Power Grid

John Stavliotis highlights the opportunity to invest in companies that will benefit from the modernisation of China’s power grid. A key exposure to this structural growth trend is Antipodes investment in NARI Technology Co Ltd.

27 Jun 2024

Antipodes Asia Income Fund: Emerging Market Debt Update

Gordon Ip (Co Chief Investment Officer – Fixed Income) joins Jonathan Wu (Investment Director – Asia) providing insights into the Asia credit market and an overview of the Antipodes Asia Income Fund.

30 May 2024

Antipodes Magnified: Quarterly Update (Q1 2024)

Antipodes quarterly video update featuring Portfolio Manager Vihari Ross and Investment Specialist Sam Kazacos.

23 Apr 2024

Vihari Ross at the 2024 Pinnacle Insights Series

Vihari Ross outlines Antipodes portfolio positioning and shares perspectives on the outlook for global equities in 2024.

21 Feb 2024

Jacob Mitchell at the Pinnacle Investment Summit 2023

Watch a replay of Jacob Mitchell’s presentation at the Pinnacle Investment Summit, in September, 2023.

18 Sep 2023

John Stavliotis at Pinnacle Summit Series 2023: The Boutique Edge

Antipodes Portfolio Manager, John Stavliotis uncovers the structural and cyclical opportunities in emerging markets and Antipodes’ pragmatic value approach to investing.

09 Aug 2023

Meet the Manager: Jacob Mitchell Presentation

Jacob Mitchell discusses the outlook for global equities and Antipodes’ portfolio positioning in this presentation at the Morningstar Investment Conference.

31 May 2023

Jacob Mitchell at Pinnacle Insights Live 2023: Global Equities

Antipodes CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager, Jacob Mitchell discusses a fundamentally different regime for global equities in 2023.

22 Feb 2023

[In Brief] Identifying short positions

In this short video Jacob Mitchell shares insights into how the Antipodes team identifies short positions.

11 Oct 2022

Jacob Mitchell at the Pinnacle Investment Summit 2022

Antipodes CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager, Jacob Mitchell outlines how Antipodes are navigating the shifting landscape with a pragmatic approach to value investing.

30 Aug 2022