In conversation with Ian Harnett | Can the west sidestep recession?

Ian Harnett is a Co-Founder and the Chief Investment Strategist of Absolute Strategy Research (ASR) one of only a handful of highly regarded independent global macro research firms. ASR has a team of analysts globally who have been providing valuable insights to institutional investors and other big corporations for the last 15 years.

In this podcast episode, we’re delighted to bring all our listeners the latest forecasts and observations from ASR, with Ian joining Alison Savas for a discussion covering the key macro topics impacting markets.

Key topics covered:

  • Can the US & the West sidestep recession? 02:20
  • The critical data points ASR is monitoring closely 05:30
  • Can the Fed restore balance in the labour market? 8:50
  • Non-bank financials & the liquidity crunch: 11:10
  • Outlook for non-residential investment and fiscal deficits: 16:00
  • Why US equities are overvalued: 20:40
  • Valuations of European and Chinese equities: 21:30
  • Can China keep growing? 22:30
  • The big risk investors are overlooking: 28:10

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13 July 2023