Examining China’s rocky recovery

It was the reopening many investors thought could bring a spectacular stock market resurgence. But the interest in Chinese equities following the end of COVID lockdowns has faded. The domestic recovery has been slower than expected and exports continue to be weighed down by economic deterioration in the West.

But in this podcast episode, John Stavliotis (Lead PM of Antipodes’ Emerging Markets strategy) and Alison Savas (Investment Director) explain why investors should hold the line on China.

Also discussed in this podcast are three interesting China investment ideas- Midea Group, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co, and Galaxy Entertainment Group.

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Key times:

  • Observations from inside China: 01:00
  • What is holding back the Chinese economy? 03:20
  • Will there be a policy response? 7:00
  • The longer-term growth drivers for China’s economy: 9:00
  • Geopolitics & China’s role in a multipolar world: 15:30
  • Chinese stock market valuations & allocating to China  20:40
  • Stock discussion – Midea Group (SHE: 000333): 23:20
  • Stock discussion – Contemporary Amperex Technology Co (SHE: 300750): 26:00
  • Stock discussion – Galaxy Entertainment Group (HKG: 0027): 29:20
Stock commentary you hear in this episode is illustrative only and not a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell any security. 
14 June 2023